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Workshop & bike servicing

We have a dedicated bike workshop for all builds, repairs, servicing and setup. Please call us for unbiased advice or to arrange a convenient time to book you bike in.

Adjacent are just some of the many workshop services we offer and below are our standard service levels.

If you are unsure about any aspect of bike servicing please give Phil a call on 01275 876572, or email us at You can also use the booking link under each service type to book your bike in.

- Price list -

  • Full bike servicing see below
  • Individual component checks from £45.00
  • Wheel building £45.00 per wheel
  • Fork fitting from £35.00 + parts
  • Bottom Bracket fitting from £35.00 + parts
  • Headset fitting from £45.00 + parts
  • Disc brake fitting from £45.00 per brake

Don't see what you're looking for? Give us a call or drop into the shop and we should be able to sort it out.

- Get the right service -

Basic Service Icon

Basic Service

A general adjustment and check over, wheels trued and tensioned. Hubs checked for tightness. Gears, brakes and headset are checked and adjusted.

£55.00 + parts

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Intermediate Service Icon

Intermediate Service

The bike is washed first, then as basic service. Additionally, hub, headset and bottom bracket bearings are regreased or replaced. Gears and brakes are fully serviced, replacing pads & cables if needed. Brakes are bled. All over bolt check

£75.00 + parts

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Performance Service Icon

Performance Service (Hardtails)

As intermediate service. Additionally we drop the lower legs off the forks, inspect seals and stantions for damage and replace if necesary.

£125.00 + parts

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Performance Service Icon

Performance Service (Full suspension)

As intermediate service. Additionally we service both the forks and air can rear shock. Any parts are replaced as necessary.

£150.00 + parts

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